Investment in Bhiwadi- Intelligent choices for smarter gains

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As it is said,“hit the iron when it’s hot”, same is withinvestment as well thus “invest in real estate where the locality is developing” and that’s the nutshell explanation of real estate ventures in Bhiwadi. Bhiwadi is thought to be the safest place for investment as compared to various others inNorthern India -seeing that it gives the best return on investmentin the run with equivalent conurbations. Undoubtedly, the upcoming projects like RIICO, GBC project, DMIC project and various akin others will give Bhiwadi a glowing future for the investors.


Let’s justify some more bullets in terms of “Investment in Bhiwadi- Intelligent choices for smarter gains”:


  • Data verification– Data shows that the property that was available at the rate of Rs. 1,700/-per sq. feet in 2007 has been risen up to Rs. 2,200/- in 2012 and same has been hiked to Rs. 3,100/-in 2016. It means 89% appreciation in property within 7 years that indeed is an admiring figure to make a favorable choice.


  • DMIC – Delhi-Mumbaiindustrial corridor that is only 25 kms away from Bhiwadi is another attraction for investors and above all, if the economy rises, Bhiwadi will be nonetheless than moneyburgeon place for investors.


  • Added advantages–If somewhere in India there is a city that is industrially favorable, has cheaper cost of land, has excellent connectivity from commercial hub like Gurgaon at one face and state capital at another, low cost of living and high development prospects on industrial grounds in near future, it’s none other than Bhiwadi. Thus, respective to all the aforesaid factors and as a reference of national capital region plan by 2021, many real estate investors are in line to set up their projects in Bhiwadi. This in turn will groom up not only the living status of people over there but will also give a remarkably high return on their investment.


  • Thumbs down on land clashes and litigation–Till now there is no land dispute in Bhiwadi as comparedto its neighboring cities like Gurgaon, Manesar and Noida.Undisputed lands give a positive sense to the investors;also the Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO) promotes industrial advancement and thus the economic growth of the people and this micro-market. However, the doubted issue quoted here is whether theseuncountable add ons in the side of Bhiwadi will really boost up its investment grounds as weighed against Gurgaon and Manesar?
  • Price of property–Rise and fall in any sector is not surprising as all are linked with the market from one or the either side. However, when it comes to real estate in Bhiwadi and its tremendous growth despite of market slowdown, getting bolt from the blue is what we face. Price of properties in Bhiwadi has been raised up to 31% in past few years and also 100% appreciation since 2007, not with standing the market scenario.

Thus, after recapitulating all, it is evident that if I being an investor, is planning about some investment, I would unquestionably prefer Bhiwadi as my capital multiplier, after all investment in Bhiwadi is thought to be an intelligent choice for smarter gains.

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