Only Bhiwadi Have Good opportunity , Affordable Housing and High Quality of Life

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“Affordable housing”- the topic is hot after the budget of FY17-18 presented by Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley. Term infrastructure has been replaced with “affordable housing” where an affordable range between Rs. 30-50 lakhs has been announced that comes very well under the bear ability of common people. Also, where to invest is another rising concern among investors now-a-days, to get the most out of their investment. Thus, to choose out of harm’s way, we prefer to invest in a developing area like Bhiwadi instead of a developed one like Gurgaon.

Millionaire city like Gurgaon has higher price range, that of course, is beyond the affordable housing criteria and so becomes intricate from investment point of view. However, Bhiwadi ranks higher accordingly to having more and better growth prospects, less property rate and excellent return in the near future.

Let us take a detailed dig at some more supporting facts for the above functionality:


Area wise comparison A flat in Bhiwadi of 1000-1100 sq ft super area or 700 sq ft carpet area inclusive of parking area is readily available for Rs. 30-35 lakhs whereas in Gurgaon, a flat with carpet area of maximum 400-450 sq ft can be hardly purchased in this amount and that too is devoid of parking.


Extra amenities Properties in Bhiwadi are designed in a way that fascinates the buyers for their luxurious life and well being whereas properties in Gurgaon are completely commercial i.e. with limited space, there is no club house for adults and no space for kids to roam about or play in the locality whereas you get all these facilities in Bhiwadi. An improved lifestyle in Rs. 50,000-60,000 is nothing surprising in Bhiwadi that clearly shows the low cost of living here, which is otherwise rarely endurable in Gurgaon.


New endeavors to explore New projects in Bhiwadi like Greater Bhiwadi Complex with a plan to build 128 housing societies, colleges, schools, dispensaries and hospitals by 2021 are nothing less than silver lining on the spoon. Government plan of RIICO in Alwar is proposed to build up 300 manufacturing units that will not only bud up job opportunities in manufacturing sectors but will also directly affect the real estate demand both in corporate as well as housing zones.


Bhiwadi is even windfall with the plan of RRTS to be started in the year 2018 will lessen the transportation cost and time along with the added benefits of NH-8 connectivity from Jaipur to Delhi. Also, proposed is the India’s first cargo airport and DFC accomplishment that will give a new ray of settlement hope to all in Bhiwadi. All these are some of the magnetizing points that make Bhiwadi the first option for investment with a much privileged ROI rather than that in Gurgaon.


Ease to settle down– If we talk about payment plans, financial institutions in Bhiwadi are overwhelmed with attractive payment plans, that are not time bound and gives you ample of time to make payment in easy modes with reduced risk while Gurgaon holds tight in having time bound payment that also have high risk in delayed property projects.


Low cost of living – With prices at an all time high, affordability has taken a dip as far as maintaining a decent standard of life is concerned. Even if you are fortunate to have a good salary package then also it does not necessarily mean that you can afford anything beyond necessities especially if the place you live in happens to be Gurgaon. However by moving just a few kms ahead and heading towards Bhiwadi would lower the cost of living drastically thereby making it a more beneficial place to invest in. The low cost of living is one of the major catalysts to instigate the buyers to buy property in Bhiwadi as against Gurgaon.


Other factors – The human race has been created in a way that we can sustain ourselves among society only and this plays an integral role in choosing the right place to stay in. If you happen to be considering Bhiwadi for your ultimate destination to invest in then bang on, you are on the right track. You are sure to find areas with the best possible completed as well as under construction projects that are already inhabited by people from across the country and abroad that are employed in and around Bhiwadi. Furthermore, Bhiwadi people are less prone to pollution as compared to Gurgaon due to the undergoing transport system developments.


Bhiwadi shows the highest growing population in NCR and thus an overall development of the area has a direct proportion with it. As is said that Necessity is the mother of invention same holds true for any and every new place being targeted upon for residential as well as commercial development.




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